International careers of self initiated expatriates and skilled migrants

Globalisation and the current global economic crisis, among other factors, have facilitated that international geographical mobility across all social strata continues to attract research interest. These macro factors impact on the push and/or pull motivations to embark on an international mobility experience, and influence the categorisation of individuals as voluntary or involuntary migrants. However the multi-disciplinarity of the subject (for instance across international HRM, careers, migration, transnationalism, human geography, medicine…) is only recently receiving attention, where learning and research on the subject in a different discipline can enhance knowledge in the management field.

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The challenges and facilitators to pursuing an international career from a multidisciplinary perspective and across different levels (micro, meso, macro, temporal…) is a rich research area, one that opens up the subject of migration and global mobility to comparative research differentiating different types of migration and international mobility.

As evidence of the multi-disciplinarity of this research area, some conferences I (with a management/social science interest in the subject) am participating in this coming year (2012) are:

Please post additional conference/research sources on the subject of migration and self initiated expatriation to the comments to this blog – including own experiences with migration/expatriation, challenges, facilitators…

More blog posts on this subject to follow…

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Dr Marian Crowley-Henry is a lecturer in human resource management, international management and organisational behaviour/theory in the Department of Management at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. She is the programme director of the MSc HRM/HRD. Marian’s current research interests are in international human resource management, self initiated expatriation, migration, careers and identity, and supervises PhD research students in those areas.