Leaders as they could/should be….

Leadership and management training which separates the training from the specific context of the organisation is being called into question. Indeed a CIPD report proclaims that the era of “sheep-dip leadership and management training are over”, now replaced by training programmes which are aligned with the specific organisation’s values, corporate culture and strategy.

The CIPD Perspectives on Leadership in 2012 report propounds the requirement of a new type of leadership in contemporary times in order to get the maximum results from the human capital in the organisation through a balanced emphasis on positive work cultures which support creativity, autonomy and an ethical mindset.

Relational leadership, values-based leadership (both underlining the importance of a high quality relationship between leaders and subordinates) and contextual leadership (influenced by the culture and values of the specific organisation) form the basis for new leadership development programmes, which are tailored to specific organisational contexts. The focus on relational and values-based leadership is in reaction to the negativity which has come about with reduced trust levels for business leaders due largely to the financial crisis and corporate ethical scandals. The report suggests that HR has a key role in developing leadership capability. What do you think?

The full report can be found here: http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-resources/research/perspectives-leadership-2012.aspx