Added Value in Africa: Social Enterprise Making Good Business Sense

Conall shared some excellent examples of companies like Vodafone, GK Meats, Unilever and many more adapting their product offerings to – yes make money… as well as doing a social good! Conall succeeding in highlighting the importance of doing business as a social enterprise- which is central to the work of Added Value in Africa. This not-for-profit charity is supported through funding from other charities as well as public donations and fundraising activities. They strive to promote and support African businesses internationally.

The social enterprise of our business graduates at NUIM is an important element to our teaching, as well as our vision that our Business graduates should emerge from their formal education processes as effective generators of economic wealth and as conscious, critical and independent  thinkers capable of reflecting on the purposes and consequences of their actions.

The need to educate our students in social enterprise is recognised as an important element of Business education, as ‘good’ business both financial and social, should be good news for all.

Take a look at a snapshot of the presentation provided by Conall…

NUIM_Presentation_VAA_2013-Feb -BLOG