Branding at Best: A Good African Story

Andrew is a confident but unassuming business person who exhibited through the Q&A session a real sense of what and how his business has strove to achieve over the past ten years.

He stated… “What no Ugandan coffee company had done before was to place a branded coffee on supermarket shelves in South Africa and the UK. This became my mission. I met significant resistance to our business model both at home and abroad. Coffee farmers were cynical after decades of exploitation. Supermarkets were hesitant about working with an Africa-based brand, simply because they hadn’t done it before”.

I was also delighted that my Brand Management students were in attendance at this event to hear first hand this Good African story and relate Andrew’s discussion to what we discuss through our lectures. However, exposure to and discussion with small but successful brands teaches us more than we can imagine a book ever will.

Thanks to Value Added in Africa and the Africa Ireland Economic Forum 2013 for hosting this event and to Bewley’s for providing the most apt setting!


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