Interested in sustainability? 62 jobs in sustainability-related positions or companies were advertised last month alone…

This is a very brief summary report on some of the headline findings of a project which is currently reviewing the recruitment market for sustainability-related jobs in Ireland.  I hope to collect as much data as I can over the coming months and plan to be able to keep students informed with evidence from the Irish recruitment market about the skills, capabilities, qualifications and types of experience needed to work in a sustainability-related role.  Follow me on twitter @drjohncullen or sign up for a daily blog update to ensure you get benefit from my findings as soon as I collected and analysed the data!

Between January 1st and 31st 2014, 5 general and specialist Irish recruitment websites, and the appointments sections of the two most widely-read daily broadsheet newspapers advertised 62 positions which had the terms ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable’ as significant parts of the description of the role.  Of these most positions were for graduate trainees of various descriptions (9 roles) or for design and/or engineering roles. 

These were followed by research/scientific positions and professional environmental/ecological positions (7 roles for each category). Training / education roles and operations management positions accounted for 5 advertisements each, and planning, business development/communications /marketing, planning and environmental health & safety roles all accounted for 4 positions.  Administrative / Other roles accounted for 2 positions and project management for 2.

Nearly 2/3rds of positions were advertised for roles in the private sector / commercial companies.  12 positions were advertised in the public sector and 10 for the not-for-profit sector, which demonstrates a wide range of employment opportunities for working in the sustainability field.  26 positions were for a variety of roles within the sustainability sector, and 27 for specifically identified as roles for sustainability professionals of various types.  17 positions advertised were senior management positions. 

Most (24) positions were advertised for Dublin, with the capitals nearest competitor being Galway (7), but there was a wide variety of geographical locations identified, with sustainability-related roles being available in 16 of the 26 counties in January 2014.

An overview of the project titled Indexing sustainability-oriented employment opportunities in the Irish recruitment market:  Technical note is available to download from NUI Maynooth library’s e-print repository ( .