Bothwell & Vogel talk about ‘Perception’ to Consumer Behaviour Students

To the more provocative Dubai Derby at the Curragh’s advertisement.

The Dubai Derby at the Curragh advertisement (2012)

In their discussion of Perception, they cited such examples as the iPhone, “We are exposed to the iPhone through advertising on TV and in print. Apple use powerful advertising methods to appeal to our emotions. The iPhone is a product that we want and desire, we perceive it to be cool, innovative and fashionable, produced by a trusted brand. More people recognise the Apple logo than they do IBM’s, Microsoft’s, Nokia and Samsung’s logos. While most of us will buy into the iPhone, there will always be individuals who choose to go against market trends because they can’t afford it or they have always had a Samsung branded phone”.

The importance of the senses in the discussion of perception and consumer involvement was evident through this presentation and excellently demonstrated by Bothwell & Vogel’s projects. One key point which resonated with students was the role of Bothwell & Vogel in understanding their Client’s needs as well as their Client’s Consumers. Not an easy task, but one which is required to succeed!


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