What national and regional overviews of sustainability in business, management and executive education tell us (and what they don’t!).

 My recent study of the growth of the sustainability discourse in the field of business, management and executive education indicated that the field has undergone considerable growth over the last two decades, and that this growth accelerated in recent years.  This paper (titled: Sustainability & the Education of Managers: A bibliometric analysis of business, organisational & management research from 1993 to 2012) is freely available to access here from NUI Maynooth’s ePrints archive at this link – http://eprints.nuim.ie/4789/

I’ve recently conmpleted another bibliometric analysis of the research literature which specifically attempts to generate ‘snap shots’ of national and regional overviews of sustainability in business education. 
A bibliometric review of research on sustainability and business education was undertaken on the Social Sciences Citation Index, and titles which specifically provided regional overviews were isolated for analysis on the grounds of their research focus, scope, research methods and findings.  Seven ‘snapshot’ reviews conducted at national and regional level were discovered, five of which were published in 2010 or after. Only one appeared in a business journal.  The most common methods of data collection were web-based searches or surveys.  Most reviews were conducted in the Southern hemisphere and utilized content analysis of published documents or websites of business school curricula-related materials.  Most reported that, although interest in sustainability was strong among individual faculty, integration into the mainstream curricula was poor. 

Finally, greater collaboration among researchers is advocated in conducting this form of research.  The paper outlines dominant approaches used in this form of research, and highlights areas to be explored in future research.   As such, it is the first ‘meta-review’ of research on national practices in relation to sustainability in business education. 

The full paper ‘What regional overviews of sustainability in management education tell us (and what they don’t!)‘ is available to access on the NUI Maynooth ePrint’s repository at the following link http://eprints.nuim.ie/4842/