‘Data… A Game Changer’ for Education?

One of the core take away’s from todays event was the wonderful talk provided by Prof. Bob Lingrad. He spoke of the impact of ‘data’ on education and the increasing role data sets deriving from the OECD and PISA are having on setting the education agenda. Prof. Lingrad has called for a vision for the Irish education system, which does not consider other nations, but focuses on the social, culture and economic state of the Irish state first. Ultimately, Prof. Lingrad suggests that…

“Education data under evaluation should be expanded to include elements which will lead to a more rounded student and ultimately a better society”.

It is clear that some form of measurement is required in education, but often this data is not ‘holistic’ capturing the classroom context in which empowering learning is taking place.

Change is happening, and as educators we need to use data for informing decision making, as opposed to defining decision making!

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Dr Christina Donnelly is a Lecturer and the Programme Director for BBS/BBA Marketing in the School of Business at NUI Maynooth. Her areas of interest are small business marketing, market intelligence and data analytics, with training received in the analysis of market intelligence through dunnhumby marketing consultancy firm, Ealing, London. Christina is passionate about her teaching and works to ensure that her research is integral to her student's learning.