Collaborative Writing Tools for Academics and Students

Sharing documents with colleagues is a fairly seamless process these days. Much more challenging is moving beyond sharing and on to real (even real-time) collaboration. If you have ever collaborated on a document or presentation you will know the problems associated with keeping track of the latest version, particularly if two (or more) people work [...] Continue reading here [...]

Robert Galavan speaks at Promise for Peace in Northern Ireland (podcast)

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This is an abridged recording of a talk given at the Promise of Peace conference in Northern Ireland hosted by Queens University Belfast at the Ulster Museum.


This activity is supported by funding from the British Academy of Management and The Leverhulme Trust


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Exporting Endnote, Mendelay, and BibTex databases to MS Excel

This is a basic guide for converting an EndNote database format file to Microsoft XLS or XLSX (Excel). 

Converting from EndNote to MS Excel is a far from trivial task as there is no single agreed standard database format for storing academic references. In addition, author fields can have single or multiple authors and this [...] Continue reading here [...]

Gerard P Hodgkinson Keynote address to the New Frontiers in Management and Organizational Cognition Conference 2012

Professor Gerard P Hodgkinson from the University of Warwick deliverd his keynote speech to the New Frontiers in Managerial and Organizational Conference hosted at the National University of Ireland Maynooth in September 2012. The address provides a powerful review of the field of cognition from early concepts of schema right through to the frontiers of neuroscience.


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LSE Future of Academic Impact Conference

Today I am at the LSE Future of Academic Impact Conference.

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The main conference room is pretty full with about 350 people expected to attend. Obviously it is an issue touching the hearts of academics. There are also a number of breakout sessions. First [...] Continue reading here [...]

It Could Happen to a Dean: Open Access and the Problem of Predatory Publishers

The move towards Open (public) Access to published research, specifically research funded by the public purse, has gained significant momentum in the past few years. The initiative has real merit, even if not completely without its own issues. However, as with most [...] Continue reading here [...]

Mendelay reference management software – first impressions

For most academics, reference management software is an essential element of their tool kit and performs a number of important roles. When I started writing academic works, a pen and a typing service were coupled with a new technology called Post-its to create copy. How quickly things have moved on. The development of electronically searchable [...] Continue reading here [...]