How to Innovate the Newspaper Industry? Part 1 of 2

Have newspapers written their own obituary?  Many industries are having a tough time, but the newspaper business must be amongst the very hardest hit. Monks working painstakingly on complex, decorative manuscripts in European monasteries didn’t know what hit them when Gutenberg figured out how to have moveable type on the printing press in the 15th century.  It was a moment of Schumpeterian creative destruction. By the 17th century some form of newspaper had appeared almost everywhere in early modern Europe. Today, there are an estimated 7,000 newspapers in business around the world and the World Association of Newspapers claim that each day over half the world’s population read a newspaper, with sales of 2.5bn copies in print and 600m online; making it a $200bn industry.   Another Continue reading here [...]

The G8 Summit… Better off in the Desert??

The media frenzy surrounding the G8 Summit has reached fever pitch with District Judge Barney McElhom stating that... "The G8 WOULD BE BETTER OFF INTHE DESERT" and that it was like a... "TRAVELLING EUROVISION SONG CONTEST" (Irish News, 14.06.13)  This is the thoughts of one District Judge on the upcoming G8 summit which clearly illustrates the thoughts of one but possibly many within Northern Ireland. Not only will the G8 Summit affect the Legal System, Hospitals, Education System's delivery of Examinations, Transport/ Roads, but largely businesses across Northern Ireland from Belfast to Enniskillen... therefore not surprising that some would claim that the Summit would be better off in the wilderness! For the past three months, Northern Ireland and in particular the County of Fermanagh Continue reading here [...]

Apple exceeds 1/4 million dollars in sales every minute

It appears money does grow on trees, but only a particular brand of Apple tree. Apple Inc released their Q1 2012 results during the week and they have exceeded all expectations. The results are ahead of revenue predictions from independent analysts by over 7% and a staggering 18% ahead of institutional investors. So [...] Continue reading here [...]