Responsibility, Capitalism & Management: Reclaiming the Big Questions

In October 2008, I wrote a piece for the Irish Examiner newspaper on the future of capitalism which bore witness to a system that was collapsing as a result of the then accelerating crisis.  There was a real sense of uncertainty at that time about what would happen to the dominant global economic system.  Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello's New Spirit of Capitalism suggests that the way in which people engage with capitalism changes as a result of significant shocks to it - capitalism absorbs these shocks and provides solutions, which then, like any other human system, gradually produces other forms of problems, (and eventually crises).  It is interesting to see that the big question about what is going to happen to capitalism in the wake of the most significant shock since the Great Depression Continue reading here [...]

Spirituality, Work & Sustainability

We spend most of our adult lives preparing for, seeking out and ‘doing’ work.  Work has become the primary way in which individuals attain the material benefits and economic rewards that enable them to live successfully in contemporary capitalist society, but also a sense of meaningfulness in their existence.  The existential and ethical aspects of the work  we do (or would like to do) has far reaching implications for the individual in the workplace, as Weber so clearly demonstrated, but understanding their aspects can also tell us much about organisations, business and society in general. Many theorists of religion have pointed out how society’s relationship with faith has undergone a number of fundamental changes which have far reaching implications for how we think about themsleves Continue reading here [...]