Sabbatical Post – One Week In

This is one of the abiding images of Cyprus. It is the representation of the flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognised only by Turkey). It is etched into the Pentactylos mountain range in the occupied area across the Green Line that divides the two communities on this beautiful island. Inhabitants of Nicosia come face to face with this image daily as it is visible from almost every part of the city. It is, perhaps, meant to be a provocative reminder to those on the south side of the line of everything they have lost as a result of the Turkish invasion of 1974. One hesitates to ask older residents what they feel about this for fear of stoking up hurt or anger. But maybe that's my issue because although I focus on this image, Cypriots seem to ignore it. This is mostly true Continue reading here [...]

Irish Academy of Management, WIT 2013

September is recognised by most in Education for the beginning of the new teaching year. But in more recent years, September has come to mean (for me personally) the arrival of the Irish Academy of Management. Last year, my colleagues and I in the Dept. of Management, School of Business had the pleasure of hosting the Conference here on the NUI Maynooth campus and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience (and learned a lot!). This year we ventured to Waterford Institute of Technology for the 16th Academy led by Dr. Felecity Kelliher & her team. I think this was my second visit to Waterford, and as a City I was impressed by the friendly people, the beautiful buildings and the surroundings of water, mountains and busy traffic! The weather did well to add to the overall positive experience. My Continue reading here [...]

Summer undergraduate research work opportunity with School of Business: SPUR 2013


Each year NUI Maynooth offers undergraduate students an opportunity to undertake 6 weeks paid research work with academic departments: This year, the School of Business will offer one place to an undergraduate student on the Summer Programme for Undergraduate Researchers … Continue reading

Mendelay reference management software – first impressions

For most academics, reference management software is an essential element of their tool kit and performs a number of important roles. When I started writing academic works, a pen and a typing service were coupled with a new technology called Post-its to create copy. How quickly things have moved on. The development of electronically searchable [...] Continue reading here [...]