What national and regional overviews of sustainability in business, management and executive education tell us (and what they don’t!).


 My recent study of the growth of the sustainability discourse in the field of business, management and executive education indicated that the field has undergone considerable growth over the last two decades, and that this growth accelerated in recent years.  … Continue reading

Interested in sustainability? 62 jobs in sustainability-related positions or companies were advertised last month alone…


This is a very brief summary report on some of the headline findings of a project which is currently reviewing the recruitment market for sustainability-related jobs in Ireland.  I hope to collect as much data as I can over the coming … Continue reading

A comment on the junior doctors’ strike….

It is shocking to think that, in 2013, highly educated and trained individuals are pushed to working excessive, slave-labour hours. Enough is enough and the junior doctors have had no choice but to take a stand and fight for better conditions. Not only are the excessive hours a threat to patient care, they also impact on the individuals themselves, who are more at risk of burnout from excessive work pressures arising from habitually working overtime. Besides physical health risks, the psychological risks and business risks are also increased, with implications on morale, productivity, performance and talent retention. Who wants to work somewhere they feel unappreciated, overworked and ignored? The psychological contract has been severely, if not irreparably damaged here and it is going Continue reading here [...]

Sabbatical Post – Crossing The Line

Nicosia is the last divided city in Europe - a title inherited when Berlin was unified over 20 years ago. You can step across the Green Line dividing the city without much fuss these days. The authorities on the south side minimise the perception that this is a de facto border. Those on the north side make every attempt to convince you that you have stepped into another jurisdiction.  Most of what first hits you in the narrow lanes there are street vendors selling cheap goods of all sorts to attract the southern and tourist euro. But there are some interesting sights to see that have been left over from previous occupations. Selimye mosque is one such venue. Built by the Lusignans in the 12th century it was subsequently taken over by the Ottomans in the Middle Ages when it became a mosque. Continue reading here [...]

What does spirituality have to do with sustainable economic development?


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When I reviewed Eric Amblin’s An Ecology of Happiness for the London School of Economics Review of Books last week, one short section of that excellent text struck me as particular interesting.  The penultimate chapter (titled “When Poor Countries Set an … Continue reading

Summer undergraduate research work opportunity with School of Business: SPUR 2013


Each year NUI Maynooth offers undergraduate students an opportunity to undertake 6 weeks paid research work with academic departments: This year, the School of Business will offer one place to an undergraduate student on the Summer Programme for Undergraduate Researchers … Continue reading

Teaching Business During a Climate Crisis

Twitter practically lit up this week with welcomes for the discussion of climate change in the Irish Times Business Supplement. Colm Keena's article made the point that conducting business in a world of volatile weather fluctuations was going to be a huge challenge in the future.  There is nothing new in this for the increasing numbers working, teaching and researching in business schools globally who have been saying just this for some time, of course, but what is interesting is that it represents another step for 'business sustainability' from being a niche area of interest into the mainstream of business and management thought. This, of course is not to say that mainstream business thinking thinkers are just waking up to the need for sustainability now.  Harvard Business Review's Green Continue reading here [...]