International Women’s Day 2015

To mark International Women’s Day 2015 a panel discussion on this year’s theme Make it Happen : Celebrate Women’s Achievements, Call for Greater Equality will take place in Maynooth University on Friday 6th March 2015, with an opening address by Joan Burton, TD, the Tánaiste, Minister for Social Protection, and Leader of the Labour Party. Other speakers include Dr. Shirley O’Dea, Co-founder, Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Profector Life Sciences, and Senior Lecturer in the Maynooth University Department of Biology; Jean O’Sullivan, Manager of Female Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Ireland; Giustina Mizonni, Global Development Lead, CoderDojo Foundation; and Caoimhe De Barra, Director International Division, Trócaire. Continue reading here [...]

‘You will leave Maynooth as a graduate; you will join Accenture as a graduate; within a year or two you’ll be a consultant’.


I spoke with Gabhan O’Connor from Accenture about their recent drive to recruit graduates from Maynooth University. Gabhan said that Accenture ‘want to make sure that we give Maynooth students the best opportunity to apply this year’. Gabhan joined Accenture … Continue reading

Sabbatical Post – Time to Harvest the Oranges

The fruit growers say that the last oranges should be picked now and not left to hang any longer on the trees. Opinions differ about this but most experts say that if you leave the fruit too long on the tree then the harvest next year will be poorer. For me I hate the thoughts of picking fruit that I'm not going to eat this minute. The sight of fruit slowly going off in a bowl in the kitchen seems like a frightful waste to me. In addition, I'm one of those people who can't think of a more natural place to store oranges than on the branches of the tree. I met the President of Cyprus the other day briefly and he somehow reminded me of those fruit growers who have to decide to cut fruit or to get out of the orchard. All of Cyprus (island wide) is under a lot of pressure from the UN, EU and the Continue reading here [...]

PWC Summer Internship – Programme Details

The NUI Maynooth Careers Centre have forwarded the following information about the PWC Summer Internship programme.  The deadline for applying is approaching just over a month away, and this is a great opportunity to gain experience with a truly global organisation.  ____________________________________________________________________ The decisions you make about your career are some of the toughest you’ll ever make. Which is why you should base them on knowledge, not just instinct. Our Summer Internship Programmes are a great opportunity to experience first-hand if this is the career for you. We hire the best talent from a wide range of backgrounds so your precise degree isn’t an issue, applications are welcome from students across all disciplines - Business, Law, Engineering, Continue reading here [...]

Sabbatical Post – She brought a gift to the woman who took her house. Could you do that?

All grandmothers in Cyprus are called Yahyah, with the emphasis on the second syllable. It's the Greek word for grandmother and is the affectionate terms used by hundreds of thousands of them to describe a key figure in each Cypriot person's life. Yahyahs in Cyprus play a much greater role in the life of their grandchildren than grandmothers do in Western Europe. In many instances they are the principal carers with their loving duties extending way past the working hours of the parents of the children. As such they are key people and role models for their grandchildren to follow. Andreas' (my friend) grandmother was what was known as a displaced person in Cyprus. This means that in the invasion of 1974, she lost her home in the north of the island where she had lived all of her life and raised Continue reading here [...]

NUIM Teaching Fellowship Awards to School of Business

Two members of academic staff in the School of Business (National University of Ireland Maynooth) - Dr Marian Crowley-Henry and Dr Christina Donnelly - have been awarded teaching fellowships for the 2013-2014 academic year.   Dr Marian Crowley-Henry is conducting a study on the learning and teaching  expectations and experiences on MSc taught programmes in the School of Business from the perceptions of content deliverers, students and experts in the area. Marian is the programme director on the MSc HRM/HRD programme and lectures in Human Resource Management, International Management and Organisation Theory & Design in the School of  Business since 2010.   Dr Christina Donnelly's research investigates case based multiple choice questions for assessing large group teaching.  Continue reading here [...]

Sabbatical Post – Cypriots Use Two Versions of Their Language Daily

In Ireland we've never been polyglots. Many have tried to make us different. Over the last 1000 years many different voices, accents, dialects, and languages were heard across Ireland's towns and country. Our Viking visitors brought their Scandinavian tongues but failed to leave a lasting mark outside of port areas and when they were vanquished in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014, their impact and their language declined. During the following centuries, Norman French and various versions of English competed with Irish as various invaders sought to dominate the Gael. We are deeply pragmatic about language. English suits us for the advantages that it gives us globally. Yet we stubbornly cling on to Gaelic, however limitedly, as the mark that makes us different. Cypriots speak Greek. More correctly Continue reading here [...]

Sabbatical Post – Separate Development

Scientists can now demonstrate that everyone on the planet has descended from one woman. She has been humorously called Mitrochondrial Eve. it's ironic just as the march  of science shows how related we humans are, we discover more and more how difficult it is to live together. No place exemplifies that issue more than the island of Cyprus. 2014 will be a year of anniversaries in Cyprus. Forty years will have passed since Turkish troops occupied over a third of the island, effecting a huge ethnic divide. In 2004 Cyprus, as a whole island, joined the EU although the Turkish occupied zone cannot enjoy the benefits of such membership. The final anniversary also refers to 2004 when the Annan plan was rejected by the Greek Cypriots (GC), while being accepted by the Turkish Cypriot (TC) side. At Continue reading here [...]