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I’ve long been interested in studying the content of recruitment advertisements, because I believe that they give the best possible picture of what employers want from new graduates. Such information is not only relevant to people who are preparing to … Continue reading

Is there hope for small firms – the have not’s in the world of big data?

On Tuesday 10 Dec, Dr Christina Donnelly in conjunction with her colleague Dr Geoff Simmons, Senior Lecturer at Queens University of Belfast, released an article published in the Harvard Business Review Blog asking 'is there hope for small firms- the have not's in the world of big data?' Check out the link: This discussion ultimately points to the role of the consumer... After all, the ultimate source of data is the consumer. Shouldn’t shoppers have a say in what happens to their loyalty-card information? If they value small firms, shouldn’t they be able to ensure that these firms have access to a consistent flow of market data? This research suggests and ideally dreams that in the ordinary Continue reading here [...]

Harvard Business Review ‘Data into Action’ Blog by Dr Christina Donnelly

This month Harvard Business Review is focusing on ‘Data into Action’, and have published a blog focusing on the research of Dr Christina Donnelly, Programme Director for Marketing within the School of Business. This blog captures insight taken from Dr Donnelly’s most recent publication on Small Business and the use of loyalty card data published in the International Small Business Journal. This discussion focuses on the small and medium-size firms’ access to highly formalised data (big data). The blog acknowledges that even if these businesses do manage to acquire consumer data, there’s still more work to be done... View this Post at Continue reading here [...]

‘Big Data’ Research Publication by Dr Christina Donnelly

In October this year I successfully got the following journal article titled ‘Digital loyalty card ‘big data’ and small business marketing: Formal versus informal or complementary?’ published in the International Small Business Journal (Hard copy available, February 2014). This article is available from:   The article proposes that a complementary relationship exists between the formalised nature of digital loyalty card data, and the informal nature of small business market orientation. A longitudinal, case based research approach analysed this relationship in small firm marketing planning from data exposure; this complemented rather than conflicted with an intuitive feel for markets. In addition, Continue reading here [...]