Just not really up to the ‘app’ for Apple Maps…

So they challenged themselves to find their own answer to Google maps in the form of the IOS 6 map application but the results so far have proven far from satisfactory... and in fact has attracted somewhat funny story lines!   Tweets and news reports highlighted stories based on the inaccuracies of the map system from Dublin Zoo to Airport. One such novelty but (actual) serious error by the Apple app relocated Dublin Airport to a farm. Airfield is a 35-acre estate which sits in the Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter's constituency, and he was led to issue a statement... "Airfield, a 35-acre estate with working farm, formal gardens and cafe is of course a famous and immensely popular, important local amenity. Clearly the designation is not only wrong but is dangerously misleading in Continue reading here [...]

A Blooming Great Following for the International Rose of Tralee Festival

Like it or loathe it, the International Rose of Tralee Festival still can pull in a major following, with almost 900,000 viewers tuning in on the final night to watch the crowning of the 53rd International Rose of Tralee, Luxembourg Rose Nicola Mc Evoy.  The festival has over the years experienced many highs but recently just as many lows, with talks of closing up the Festival for good. However, tradition, culture, pride and an increase in spin off Rose of Tralee events has brought a welcomed revival to the future of the Kerry Festival. This year’s five-day Festival brought household names such as Jedward, the Corona’s, and Mike Denver to town, pulling in every age profile and definitely every type of music taste! Also, in addition to this was the pull of the celeb factor with Rugby Continue reading here [...]

The Gold Medalist of the Olympics… the brands!

It would be remiss of me to not blog about one of the biggest spectacles coming to our shores in only a matter of days... Friday 27 July 2012 marks the beginning of the end of a 7-year wait for the Olympics to arrive in London. 17 days of sheer sporting excellence is anticipated as top athletes travel worldwide to compete for the all illusive Olympic medal. Behind all this excitement, anticipation and countdown has been a somewhat anxious and highly publicised breakdown in security and transport in more recent weeks. But focus has largely been on the sponsors and the associated branding with the Olympics over the past year.   The most current and intriguing debate has been centred on the policing of branding when Lord Coe, the Chairman of Locog controversially asked how the brand Continue reading here [...]

In the Name of the Brand!

Amid all the furore and media frenzy surrounding the Quinn Family Court’s appearance, the former QUINN empire is being rebranded bit by bit. Within the past five months alone, we have witnessed two rebrands. However, have these rebrands been Clever? Better? Stronger? Fit for purpose?            The most recent change to QUINN has taken place within QUINN-Healthcare, which is the second largest private health insurer with 450,000 members (The Times, 2 May 2012). Interestingly and somewhat ironically, the company has changed its name to Laya “looking after you always”. Yes, this LOGIC does seem to fit considering what the company does and provides (i.e. Healthcare), but it does however invite us to let out a ‘hah’ or laugh ever so slightly considering Continue reading here [...]