MSc Business Management

This programme, is primarily for non-business graduates of any discipline who wish to pursue a career in business and management. The programme assumes no prior knowledge of business and management topics, but does assume the capacity for study and development of an honours degree graduate. The programme is extensive and fast paced bringing the students on a high growth learning experience across the 12 months of the programme. The complexity of the modern economic environment requires successful business executives to have an in-depth knowledge of up to date relevant theory and concepts and to deploy an enormous array of analytical, conceptual, technical and social skills. This programme will introduce students to this broad range of business and management topics and develop their understanding Continue reading here [...]

Horses for Courses!- Equine Business at NUIM

I remember many years ago as a fifth year pupil lamenting to my Aunt about how old I would be by the time I finally made it through school and College.  At the time I found it difficult to understand her amusement at my predicament.  Needless to say I understand it now!  I was very lucky that my parents put such store in education and realised the opportunities it could give  a young person.  My Mother in particular  helped me in my choice of courses and work experience, choices which have stood to me to this day.  When I left school there was not the choice of courses available now particularly in the choice of equine courses.  In fact there were so few courses I chose to complete my undergraduate degree in the UK as there were no equine specific degree courses being offered in Continue reading here [...]