Ireland, Information Work & the Age of Analytics


I’ve long been interested in studying the content of recruitment advertisements, because I believe that they give the best possible picture of what employers want from new graduates. Such information is not only relevant to people who are preparing to … Continue reading

BIG DATA: ‘THE NEW OIL’ on Day 1 of Big Data Innovation Summit

The richness of Big Data as the ‘new oil’ and the three associated V’s of data in volume, velocity and variety were top of the agenda on Day One of The BIG DATA summit at the Hilton Hotel in Dublin. After a jam-packed day of data, data, and more wonderful data, I would describe this event as EPIC! ‘EPIC’ for Education, Privacy, Insight and Culture and I will tell you why! So read on....   Expert Data Scientists, Managers, and Directors of top Businesses (Unilever, Google, Paddy Power) Banks (RDS, AIB), Charities (Macmillan), and Government Agencies (EPA, Irish Revenues Commissions) from all over Europe to name a few arrived in Dublin on Day One. I had the pleasure to meet David Soderberg, Senior Manager of Food Innovation Insights, PepsiCo. who was just off a plane from Continue reading here [...]

‘Good currency’ for business… Data

In 2000, Kinsey and Ashman stated that, “the ‘currency’ of the next millennium is information. Competitive advantage hinges on harnessing it and figuring out how to use it”. This statement resonates in business today, with a recent 2012 Global survey carried out by Australian Managed Services provider Avanade reporting that Companies are getting value from their big data investments, with enhanced decision making, increased revenue and new sources of revenue, i.e. expanding into related market segments. So the million dollar question is...  how does this happen? How can a business generate this value from data? Essentially literature would suggest that the way market intelligence (informal or formalised) is translated into action and gains ‘good currency’ (Van de Ven, Hudson Continue reading here [...]