I had the pleasure today to listen to the business story of Sally Sawaya, Deputy Manager of Meru Herbs Nairobi, Kenya about the successful establishment and development of their Tea and Jams business. This is a fascinating story of how a coop of farmers in a small regional setting came together to build a successful business which now exports internationally. Started over 10 years ago, this business employed 35 farmers. Today it employs 265 farmers, on average 10 people per household who are involved in the farming and factory production. The local people in the Meru region decided to utilise the water access they had created by generating income through the growing of Hibiscus, Carcade and Lemongrass tea. Today this business exports about 90% of its produce to Italy, Japan and Ireland Continue reading here [...]

Added Value in Africa: Social Enterprise Making Good Business Sense

When we talk and think about International Marketing, big names such as Coca Cola, Unilever, P&G, Tesco, IKEA, IBM... and many more come to mind for their operations and their market dominance in countries such as America, Australia or one of the BRICs. Successful Companies in Developed Countries. However, On Tuesday 26th February, students of MN313 International Marketing got an another perspective of what it means to be an International firm but this time in the developing country of Africa... not the typical country of choice we may first think of when thinking about these Big Brand firms! Conall O’Caoimh, Director of Added Value in Africa provided an insightful and very exciting presentation of Africa as a market of opportunity for foreign investment as well as outward investment... Conall Continue reading here [...]

One Titanic Step for Belfast

Has Northern Ireland Tourism and Belfast missed the boat on this one, or is there still time to resurrect some future in the celebration of the Titanic for years and generations to come? It has been the longest wait, but the arrival of a Titanic landmark has eventually docked in Belfast. After one hundred years of waiting, Belfast now boasts a new building which one could describe as ‘an architectural masterpiece’ in the Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. This stunning visitor attraction is the first real visible landmark of the ship, accompanying the iconic Harland and Wolff crane which has graced the Belfast skyline for many generations. Undoubtedly Belfast lagged behind other countries in celebrating the Titanic, but the £77 million (92 million euro) investment into a new Tourism attraction Continue reading here [...]