Study Abroad

As a student, I personally studied for one academic year at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany. It was an opportunity which was presented to me when I was an undergraduate following a 4-year Business Studies & German programme. And what an experience! Everything was new and exciting - from the huge number of university students at FU Berlin (over 60,000), to integrating and socialising with other international students and locals, to enjoying all 4 seasons (under -10 in the winter to over 30 degrees Celsius in the summer). The cultural opportunities of visiting the theatre, opera, museums, palaces, castles - all at reduced student rates - were amazing. Berlin is a fascinating city. And I got to travel by train throughout Eastern Europe with my band of international & German friends. Continue reading here [...]

Five Tips or Just One? Marketing to Potential University Students

Ask Me About Marketing - Gillian, Tim and Michelle (BBS Marketing) As a Lecturer in Marketing, I always enjoy reading about new marketing ideas or stories. One such article caught my attention last week which highlighted ‘Five Tips for Marketing to College Students’ ( There are: Consider mobile marketing - because students are always on the move and often travel to University, the best way to reach them is by SMS or by cell phone. Get to the point, fast- simple, straight use of wording to attract students. Don’t try to be cool if you’re not – students are critical thinkers and can sniff out a phony. Get your product right before bragging about it – focus on product development first. Students operate in a community driven by word-of-mouth! Win Continue reading here [...]