Sabbatical Post – Crossing The Line

Nicosia is the last divided city in Europe - a title inherited when Berlin was unified over 20 years ago. You can step across the Green Line dividing the city without much fuss these days. The authorities on the south side minimise the perception that this is a de facto border. Those on the north side make every attempt to convince you that you have stepped into another jurisdiction.  Most of what first hits you in the narrow lanes there are street vendors selling cheap goods of all sorts to attract the southern and tourist euro. But there are some interesting sights to see that have been left over from previous occupations. Selimye mosque is one such venue. Built by the Lusignans in the 12th century it was subsequently taken over by the Ottomans in the Middle Ages when it became a mosque. Continue reading here [...]

Sabbatical Post – One Week In

This is one of the abiding images of Cyprus. It is the representation of the flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognised only by Turkey). It is etched into the Pentactylos mountain range in the occupied area across the Green Line that divides the two communities on this beautiful island. Inhabitants of Nicosia come face to face with this image daily as it is visible from almost every part of the city. It is, perhaps, meant to be a provocative reminder to those on the south side of the line of everything they have lost as a result of the Turkish invasion of 1974. One hesitates to ask older residents what they feel about this for fear of stoking up hurt or anger. But maybe that's my issue because although I focus on this image, Cypriots seem to ignore it. This is mostly true Continue reading here [...]

Self-initiated expatriation and migration in the management literature: Present theorizations and future research directions

Dr Marian Crowley-Henry, lecturer in Human Resource Management and International Management in the School of Business at the National University of Ireland Maynooth has recently published an article in Career Development International (Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 78-96). Marian co-authored the article with an international colleague, Dr Akram Al Ariss, entitled 'Self-initiated expatriation and migration in the management literature: Present theorizations and future research directions'. The paper presents a critical discussion (through a systematic review) on how self-initiated expatriation (SIE) is theorized compared to migration in the management literature. The paper also indicates avenues for future research on SIE, a growing area of research interest on global mobility. To  link to the Continue reading here [...]

Lifestyle and Economic Migration

Recent comments by Minister Michael Noonan regarding lifestyle migration have caused controversy in an Ireland, which, due to current economic problems, once again faces widespread emigration for economic reasons. Minister Noonan's comments related to his personal family experience, with regards to his own children havingemigrated of their own choice, which, in academic research is referred to as'self-initiated expatriation'. My PhD research focused specifically on theidentity and career construction of self initiated expatriates, in my case,those from Western countries that relocated to the South of France whilemaintaining paid employment (that is, did not relocate for retirement purposesor due to financial independence). I have published* on this phenomenom recently,relating it to the Irish Continue reading here [...]